Acting Reel
Acting Demo Reel 2019

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Detective Gumshoe and the Case of the Swim Coach Swamp Monster


This was a student short film I was in at Stephen F. Austin over 6 years ago. one of my favorites.

Thousand Miles to Home


This is another student short I was in at S.F.A. One of my more dramatic bits.

Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon


My more comedic moments.

Texas News with Bob Newsie


This is a Texas news sketch I did all on my own. I know it's low quality and perhaps a little slow, but it was a lot of fun and I love my anchor character. I'd like to do more with it. But as I said, it could be better with help.

Texas News with Bob Newsie Part II


I got some help and it got better. My cousin Micah Hollier wanted to help and do a character too. We got more structured, a better quality camera, and added some things. My opinion it got better, and I'd still like to do more.

In Living Color audition


My agent told me they were trying to bring back "In Living Color" and they were seeking an all new cast of not well known actors, so I created some characters and scenes to make a video audition. I never heard anyhting for a while, then I looked it up and discovered that Keenan Ivory Wayenes decided not to push it through. So, I have a video clip of some original sketches.

Audition Class Tape


This is a tape from an audition class I took from Chris Telles. You may want to turn the audio down before playing all the way through. It's loud.

"Thank You" Trailer # 2


This is a trailer for my first short film to Produce, Write, and Act in, and it entered one film festival over the course of 1-2 years of submitting.


It's avaliable to see the full version here.


For more information on the film you can find it on Facebook or go to the website I created.

Funeral Parlor


This is something I did for a student film. It's the play by Christopher Durang. The video shows a different comedicside of me.

High Rollin'


This is an internet commercial I was in for a casino gaming company.

Toyota Rav 4 Zombies


This is my most famous commercial to date. I'm the Zombie on the razor scooter at the end. Click on the title to go to the original site.

Long Live Texans


This is a commercial I was in as a media camaign for a website. click the title to go to the original site.

Voice Over Videos

To see more videos of me and mine, click here to view my Youtube Channel.