I can teach all areas listed on this site and I have the experience to back it up. I've taught acting and have directed shows with people ranging between many ages, but mostly 7-18. I have been in several classrooms to teach creative writing to third graders, and I have hosted screenwriting workshops with adults, which has required me to teach that to an extent. I also have about 3 years of experience teaching cooking/baking to various ages too, but mostly 7-15. Finally, another teaching job I currently have is being a Substitute teacher for AISD. I fill in all my work gaps with this job. I sub for K-4 & 9-12, the former is my specialty and favorite. 

I have my first lesson in October with a new deal that I just started. I'm testing out going to homes to teach cooking as part of a homeschooling or tutor session. My idea is to have 4 kids that live in the same area to meet at one of their houses for a 1-2 hour hands-on cooking class, then the next lesson would be at another students house. Not only do they learn basic cooking skills, but get to know how to work in their own kitchen. If you have a group that would like to try it out, contact me and we can make arrangements and discuss pricing.

Below you will find my teaching resume. In my Gallery you can find photos from the Kids Cooking Camp I've taught at the past three summers.