Thank you for being here. Acting has been a great passion for me that I'd love to turn into a career. I've been pursuing this for 15+ years and I won't stop 'til I get enough.

Skip the B.S. and get to the goods: click for my resume, or click for my demo reel and other videos.

The B.S. 



I'm currently in my thirties and I grew up in the small, country and swampy Texas town on the border of Louisiana, Orange. Most people "have heard of it" because they "drove through it".

I'm told by my mother that ever since I was eight, when asked, "What are you going to be when you grow up?" My response was, "I'm gonna be in the movies." Acting has been a dream for a long time.


As soon as we could, me, my cousin and other family and friends would make home movies on our parents' VHS camera. They consisted mostly of 'All That', 'Jerry Springer' and 'Scary Movie' spoofs. We did dabble in 'Celebrity Deathmatch' claymation, and ridiculous 'Blues Clues' episodes. I still really wish Youtube was a thing back then. I feel old saying that, but it wasn't that long ago. Everything just moves so fast. *le sigh*


As I grew up (sort of), I got more serious in my pursuit of happiness. I took part in UIL One-Act Play in high school every year since being a Sophomore. During the summer of those years I attended a theatre workshop at Stephen F. Austin State University where I was cast in three separate shows each year. I won several awards during those times consisting of Honorable Mentioned All-Star Cast, All-Star Cast and Best Actor.


I also attended a camp for two summers that was hosted by Dallas Christian College, SALTeens, where we rehearsed and performed songs as a choir and several skits. We took the show on tour all around Texas and through other states to visit churches to put on the production. It was quite an awesome experience.

After graduating high school in '04 I attended S.F.A.S.U. School of Theatre and received my B.A. in Performance and Creative Writing. I was cast in twelve shows (one musical) and five student short films. My Acting for the Camera class was taught by Emmy Award Winner, Brad Maule. I also wrote one short play that was produced at the school, but that's a different side of me. Read more here.

Since then, I moved to Austin in '08 to pursue my dreams of acting while juggling with the real world, and making due with my other skills, as well as, teaching younger generations those same skills.


Check out my resume to see everything I've done (except for the high school stuff). You can also check out my videos to see my demo reel and more.