This is a list of my food work experience. You can check out these jobs and more on my LinkedIn profile. To see pictures from some of these events, check out the Gallery.



Austin Catering

Austin, TX (May 2009- Present)

Culinary Lead & Event Manager – Prepare food on a variety of scales in the kitchen to be sent out to events for the company. In the kitchen I do prep work, clean, organize food and the work space, go shopping, bake the sweets, and train new employees on how the company prepares the food. Attend some events we cater to do final prep, and present the food for the guests at a variety of locations, then break down, clean, and pack all the serving equipment. At times I will be in charge of talking with clients, manage and organize employees to execute their job properly and make sure the event runs smoothly.

Kitchen Manager - I have years of experience in the kitchen and occasionally fill in to manage the kitchen when needed, as well as, run the tastings for the company.

Server - Serve food and alcohol, and bus tables at the events.

Loader – Load food into a company van that has equipment, then drive to the catered events, unload and set up. Once events are over, everything that was set up is broken down and loaded into the van, then the van is driven back to the kitchen where food items are unloaded and cleaned.

Warehouse Worker - Observe load lists to organize and load (sometimes heavy) equipment and utensils into vans that are driven to events. Also, unload and clean equipment from vans to be organized back to its position in the warehouse to be used at a later date.

Faraday's Kitchen Store
Bee Cave, TX (May - August 2017, 2018 & 2019)

Kids Summer Camp Instructor - For eleven weeks another chef and I instruct kids between ages seven through sixteen how to cook recipes that follows a weekly theme. They rotate through stations throughout the week and the last day they have a competition, The Mystery Box Challenge. My area of expertise is at the baking station. I personally would help a group of kids execute a recipe for three different baked goods.


Chef Instructor - I independently teach various kid and adult classes on weekends sparsely throughout the year. Some consist of gingerbread house decorating, cupcake and cookie decoration, making sweet holiday treats and more.

Film Set Caterer

Austin,TX (2012, 2013, 2014 &2015)

Thank You - My own short film I produced and did craft services for four days, lunch for one and dinner for one. Roughly five people each time. Click here to view the website and watch the film.

Interview with a Woman - My second short I wrote and produced, as well as provided craft services, lunch and dinner for ten people.

Half-Life: Rise and Shine - I did lunch and dinner for one day of shooting.

Static - A short film I catered for three days. I did lunch, dinner and craft services for about twenty people.

A Walk in the Park - A short I did lunch and craft services during one day of shooting for thirty people.

Private Caterer

Austin, TX (2012, 2015, 2017 & 2019)

Jessica's Bee's Knee's Birthday - I created an appetizer buffet for a 20's theme party. The titles of items are titles of 20s films since the birthday girl is a film actress. Click the name to view the PDF menu.

Rodgers Wedding - I created an Asian-American buffet of food for nearly two hundred people. Click the name to view the PDF menu.

Scott's Birthday - I made heavy appetizers for this older gentleman's birthday for about thirty people at his place of residence. Click the name to view the PDF menu.

Camp Fire Cocktail Hour - I made four passed appetizers for people from this non-profit as they had a meeting and had drinks. It was about thirty people.

Sonic Drive-In
Nacogdoches, TX (July 2006- October 2007)
Austin, TX (July 2008- September 2009)

Cook – Prepare food to order at a very fast pace - includes cleaning, organizing, and prepping.
Expo Runner – Take orders, organize orders, make beverages and ice cream.
Carhop – Deliver orders, maintain friendly customer service, and cash out payments.



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