October 11, 2019 will be the first day launching my new business model The Home-school Cooking Initiative.


I will be traveling to Round Rock to tutor 4 home-schooled kids in cooking. A 1 hour class where I will teach a couple of cooking lessons through hands-on demos.


The class takes place at one of the students' house and if everything works out, then the next class will be at another students' house. Not only do they learn different cooking lessons, they also gain knowledge in how to work within their own home, and may discover some things they may need in their kitchen in order to achieve some dishes at home properly. If they don't have certain items, they will learn how to use things they do have around. For instance, No rolling pin, but you have an empty wine bottle? No problem!


Each class they will learn something new and different. After a month (4 classes) I will even give them a test over what they should have learned.


Even though it's a 1 hour class, I block it off for 2 hours. If this works for everyone, I will be looking to find more groups in the same area that would like to participate. I wouldn't mind doing 3-4 groups a day if they were all in the same area.


Prices are low now, but it will increase with demand and if I should provide ingredients, some things I will count on houses having, like salt and pepper. If you don't have S & P, I kindly ask you make that amazing investment.


Contact me about pricing and any other questions you may have. I'm looking forward to testing out this new endeavor!

Day 1

Main Dish: Field Green roasted* chicken salad with julienne* carrots, half moon* cucumbers and scratch made balsamic vinaigrette*.

Dessert: Chocolate Oatmeal No Bake Cookies*

*=Cooking lesson/technique